Radius and Louis Vuitton Team Up Again

We’ve built our 20 year reputation on the ability to bring the creative ideas of our clients to reality. For years, Radius Displays has worked alongside Louis Vuitton to create and construct unique digital signage in retail stores throughout the world. We’re excited to team up with them again on this marque project in Singapore!

Our engineers took the creative concepts from the Louis Vuitton team and designed a solution for constructing a custom LED storefront. This new storefront will use high resolution 2.5mm LED panels to display Louis Vuitton’s unique digital content.

Having clients with the vision to stretch the reaches of technology gives our team of engineers the opportunity to push their own limits. Our past projects with Louis Vuitton speak to that. When we began to conceptualize the one of a kind LED staircase for their Rome store, we had no idea the end product would turn out so spectacular. There are 1,000s of YouTube videos from around the world of travelers sharing their experience of watching the images cascade across our LED staircase.

We know our next projects with Louis Vuitton will continue to shape the look and feel of high-end retail.

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