Silver Star Ski Resort

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Project Description


Improving guest experience in the ski industry is one way resort managers are trying to differentiate themselves from their competition. Guests are becoming accustomed to real time updates on lift and run status, snow fall and other key details they want to use to plan their best day on in any resort. Radius has taken this expectation to the next level by providing an attractive visual snapshot of what is happening at a resort at any given moment. Beyond just reporting lift status, our LED grooming boards show guest real time grooming updates, event information and other resort-specific data.

Radius collaborated with Silver Star Ski Resort to digitize their grooming boards and provide integrated software to communicate with skiers and increase efficiency for workers. The system can feed direct updates onto the LED boards from the ski resort headquarter’s operating system and can be easily controlled from a tablet or smartphone.

Radius provides a comprehensive hardware warranty and onsite technical support to ensure reliable and accurate updates of all chairlifts, terrain parks and mountain runs.