Louis Vuitton – Rome

Louis Vuitton – Rome2018-05-22T01:22:04+08:00

Project Description


Radius began our collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2006 to create stunning visuals within their high-end global stores. We started with high resolution screens, installing the first super high resolution (3.5mm pixel pitch) LED screen in Rome. We included special transparent stripes to enhance the product.

We continued our relationship and began work to create the first high resolution full-sized LED staircase in the world.  Radius worked on the desired concept to engineer and construct this custom staircase using high quality Japan LED (3.5mm pitch). The design included front accessible LED panels and a SCALA remote control broadcasting system. The staircase involved stairs of varying size and LED materials in extra-fine finish to < 0.2% to fit the high grade architectural finishing of the stores.

Each of our solutions was custom designed to fit the high-end look and unique personality of their locations from Rome to Tokyo to Dubai.