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From Concept to Construction

Established in 1995 by Colin Stewart and Arthur Lo, first as Second Harvest Design, the team focused on large scale signs and outdoor technical solutions for advertisers. Radius Displays has transformed over the last 20 years to become a comprehensive consulting, design and product solution company, leading the trends in high-efficiency LED digital signage. Radius provides a full range of service including intial project consultation, engineering, design, supply and installation.

The Radius team is behind some of the most iconic signage and urban street furniture projects around the globe. Our worldwide client base includes leading consumer brands like Louis Vuitton, Forever 21, Coca-Cola and Nespresso. Our urban street furniture can be found in cities like San Francisco, Miami and New York City.

Our engineering team continues to create new stunning visual effects using LED technology, bringing movement, seamless screen features and high resolution video displays to our advertising partners maximize the effectiveness of their messages and brands. Our clients rely on our expertise in overseas manufacturing to keep their project plans on schedule and on budget. Our newest technologies are developed to work with integrated software systems to enhance end-user experiences.

Who Is Radius Displays?

  • To continue providing technical expertise in global design that will shape and empower our client’s ideas.
  • To transform innovative concepts into outstanding construction of digital signage, street furniture and advertising displays.
  • To develop revolutionary signage technology and solutions that will enhance the visual experience.

We set high standards for our team in all elements of design, supply, construction and installation, ensuring clients receive value for money, quality service and exceptional products.

Quality in Design and Supply

Innovative Solutions Tailored to Clients

Environmentally Friendly Products

Our History

1988 – Established in Melbourne, Australia
1995 – Established Hong Kong offices, became full service provider
2008 – Grew into a world-wide leader in LED displays

    2018 – Restructured and became part of  Asiaray Media Group